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Social Responsibility / Private Sanko Schools


Convinced that a highly educated youth is the key to a bright future, SANKO founded the Private SANKO Schools with the aim of creating a model institution. Following the most recent global values and the international standards of education, SANKO Schools have a vision of being the choice for every pupil, by creating an environment where learning is a joy, strong personality traits and scientific thought process are instilled, and modern teaching methods are used. The 1000- student facility that comprises pre-school, primary school, and high school, is located in a purpose- built, modern building complete with a 3000 sq meter sports facility and cultural center. Private SANKO Schools have been awarded an ISO 9001 certificate.

  +90 342 211 55 00
  +90 342 211 55 07
  Pancarlı mah. 10 Nolu Cad. No:10 27060 Şehitkamil / GAZİANTEP - TURKEY