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MST Work and Agricultural Machinery in KOMATEK Exhibition

MST Work and Agricultural Machinery in KOMATEK Exhibition

Our machine sector has undergone a net change like black and white in comparison to 15 years ago. We have almost everything in comparison to imported machines.

KOMATEK 2017, 15th International Work and Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipments Trade Fair, which is held in Ankara is the most prestigious trade fair in the sector today. MST Work and Agricultural Machinery attended the fair with 5 Series Bekoloder (Backhoe Loader), New 6 Plus series Bekoloder and mini excavators as well as He exhibited the new crawler excavator and telescopic forklift for the first time.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of KOMATEK Fair organized at Atatürk Culture Center, SANKO Holding Honorary President Abdulkadir Konukoğlu stated that the machinery sector in Turkey is experiencing a very rapid development process and said "Our machine sector has undergone a net change like black and white in comparison to 15 years ago. We have almost everything in imported machines." Given the presence of steel, design and engine systems of foreign countries in the domestic production machinery, Mr. Konukoğlu said, "We are assertive, we compete with the machines in the developed countries, as long as the users, especially the public, prefer domestic machinery."
The excavator was introduced.
Following the speeches, the MST stand in which the business machines developed in modern production facilities in Gaziantep, especially for the needs of business machine operators, was introduced to guests.
DMO Deputy General Manager, İsmet Keskin; Deputy General Director of Highways, Laçin Akçay; Ankara Chamber of Industry President, Nurettin Özdebir; Pesident of OSTİM, Orhan Aydın; Deputy Chairman of SANKO Holding and Chairman of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, Adil Sani Konukoğlu; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, SANKO Holding Board Member, Business and Agricultural Machinery Group Chairman Sami Konukoğlu and many guests attended the introduction activity. Mr. Aydın Karlı, MST Business and Agricultural Machinery Assistant General Manager responsible for Sales and Marketing, said that MST work machines are produced as a result of long, detailed and careful design and engineering studies.
Mr. Karlı stated that the work machines are manufactured after tests in the field considering the needs of the industry. He stressed that to the fact that MST excavator produced in the 22 ton and 30 ton class was brought to the attention of the target audience at KOMATEK Exhibition.
MST crawler excavators with high power, performance, durability, low fuel consumption and operating costs, aims to meet the needs of the worksites, said Mr. Karlı.
"All of the components used in MST excavators are selected from well known and recognized brands worldwide and are equipped with a strong and durable undercarriage and a boom, arm cylinder and bucket cylinder group produced by the state of the art in the factory. MST excavators, which fulfill all the requirements of the class in terms of cabin comfort and ergonomics, provides a healthy work environment for long and exhausting operations to its operators.
The other product group we exhibit at the Fair is MST's new telescopic forklift. MST is the only local manufacturer of telescopic forklift trucks in Turkey. It manufactures 7 types of telescopic forklifts ranging from 7 meters to 17 meters in its modern facilities in Gaziantep. Now we are adding new members with Torque Converter for this product group. In addition to the hydrostatic transmission used in the existing sera, ST has added a new serrated torque converter transmission, enabling customers to choose according to their own needs.
In the new series of telescopic forklifts, cabin design has been completely renovated and offered to customers with high comfort, ergonomics and aesthetic. The MST telescopic forklift, reaching a distance of 18 meters with the new product line, has also added 'SWAY' in the direction of customer requests to increase the machine's balance system in different terrain conditions.
New 6 plus series bekoloder
The new 6 Plus Series Beko exhibited in the fair, emphasizing that it is carefully designed with responsiveness to operator requests and expectations, continued Mr. Karlı,
"The ergonomic and functional rear derailleur joysticks are one of the most striking features of the new series, providing easy control in operations such as excavation, lifting and lowering, which requires operators precision, and the joystick brackets, which can be adjusted independently of each other thanks to the special damping system on board, contributing to the creation of a working environment.
In addition to the newly renovated cabin design on the new MST 6 Plus Bekoloder, the renovated air conditioner and heating system ensures that the heat inside the cabin can be brought to the desired degree in hot and cold weather. While the cabinet insulation is being increased in a serious way to prevent unnecessary heat losses, the disturbance that the operator creates in the cabin is decreased to minimum levels.

Mr. Karlı stated that the operator comfort on the air suspension operator's seat which is presented as standard equipment for the operator comfort to be felt at a high level is very important in the long and exhausting working times. He added that MST is the only domestic mini-excavator manufacturer of Turkey and five (5) different models between 1,6 tonnes and 5,5 tonnes are produced in the modern facilities in Gaziantep, and sold to more than 30 countries.
About MST:
MST Work and Agricultural Machinery was established in the structure of SANKO Holding which is active in textile, energy, construction, packaging, work and agricultural machinery, information, finance, real estate, shopping mall, health and education sectors. MST Business and Agricultural Machines add significant value to our country's industry under the SANKO roof with the MST brand bekoloder, telehandler and excavator manufactured in facilities equipped with modern technology with 42 thousand square meters indoor area in Gaziantep.
Turkish engineers and technicians are conducting R & D activities of MST, which continuously increases its product range with R & D studies and new