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We will bandage the wounds together

We will bandage the wounds together

As Sanko Holding, we are doing our best in order to relieve the pain in the region by using our every means available as of first day. We rush to all calls for aid, and we show an ceaseless effort for help in the region affected by the earthquake.

We, at Sanko Holding, are feeling indescribable pain after the disastrous earthquake experienced in Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, Adiyaman, Adana, Hatay, and 10 other provinces. We are one of the institutions that lived through the disaster and witnessed the great pain and destruction in the region. Due to the earthquake, some of our employees have passed away and some have lost their families and loved ones. We wish God’s mercy to those who lost their lives, patience for their families, and a quick recovery for the wounded. We are grieving deeply and we send our condolences to our nation.

As Sanko Holding, we have been carrying out aid operations in cooperation with the ministries, governor's offices, AFAD, NGOs, and all other competent institutions. We have been mobilizing all of our resources together with SANKO Holding, our Group companies, the Sani Konukoglu Foundation, and Sanko University Hospital.
To contribute to the mitigation of this difficult disaster process that our country has been experiencing, we allocated resources of 100 million TRY during the first phase.

Sheltering and food support

Since the first day, we have provided shelter for our colleagues, their families, and thousands of our citizens. We utilized our workplaces, our schools’ sports halls, and our production facilities, as well as the cultural centers, mosques, and social facilities that we have constructed in past jobs. We have provided, and will continue to provide, support for the food and basic needs of our guests.

Our hot-meal services reach 50,000 people each day in Gaziantep, Adiyaman, Narli, and Pazarcik. They have reached 450,000 people so far, and these services will continue.

To create temporary living quarters in Adiyaman, we have begun preparations for the container city, which will consist of 1200 containers.

SANKO volunteers

Our SANKO volunteer group, consisting of approximately 450 people, have worked heartily to support the search and rescue operations. During the operations in which our teams provided support, 24 people were saved.

Our teams also continue to work actively in the field to provide immediate support with equipment. This is needed for the search and rescue operations and includes support with forklifts, excavators, thermal cameras, and heavy equipment.

We provide organization of products arriving at aid warehouses

In coordination with the governor's office and AFAD, we transformed the SANKO Holding companies’ production warehouses into aid warehouses.

Our SANKO volunteer group works in these warehouses in shifts. We ensure that necessities are delivered by truck to the warehouses and distributed to the earthquake victims in the region. We thank our colleagues for their contributions.

Aid and donation organization

We have started to coordinate aid and donations together with our employees and customers in Turkey and abroad.

While carrying out this comprehensive operation, we continue to determine urgent needs and supply assistance in the field. We continuously ensure the delivery of tents, water and basic food products, electrical heaters, protective equipment, clothes, diapers, underwear, blankets, power banks, generators, tubes, medical aid, towels, and hygiene materials, which are determined as the urgent priority in the region.

In addition to food, the amount of aid we have provided in kind has exceeded 20 million TRY.

SANKO University Hospital

At SANKO University Hospital, all of our health personnel are working readily, supplying emergency health support on a 24/7 basis.

So far, the hospital has admitted 474 earthquake victims for emergency and inpatient treatments, and 97 patients have received operations.

Support for employees

To offer support for some of the needs of our colleagues in the disaster area, we are providing 10,000 TRY in disaster relief aid for each of these 8,000 employees.

We have also created a call center to meet the priority needs of our colleagues, and we continue to provide this service and meet their needs.

We have mobilized all of our material and non-material resources

As a company that was established 120 years ago in Gaziantep, and which has been working and producing in these lands for more than a century, we strongly believe that we will overcome this disaster in solidarity. In the next stage of the recovery process, we will do our best to revive our city and region and bandage the wounds together.
We hereby respectfully announce the foregoing to the public.