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Textile / Isko Denim

ISKO Denim is one of world’s leading denim producers with a production capacity of 350 million meters per year. This success can be attributed to the trendy and internationally appealing collections as well as strong marketing and sales teams that work hand-in-hand with the client as their strategic partners. And of course, a flexible and integrated production process to support it all. In addition to classical denim fabric, ISKO’s main forte is the patented, innovative products that appeal to the changing needs and trends in the market.

ISKO is adamant in using ecological products and processes and to be environmentally conscious in all steps of production. In line with this approach, recycled as well as organic materials are now part of the collection. OEKO TEX 100 Standard, GOTS, OEP, ISO 9001, and ISO 9002 certificates granted to ISKO are proofs of this approach.

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